Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Revisting a Blog.

I created this blog called for Michael Stephens’ Internet Fundamentals class couple of years ago. In addition I read the blogs of other people and organizations. Based on these experiences I came to the conclusion back then that I currently have right now: I in the future I will create and maintain a blog when I feel the conditions are right. Until then I will just read and comment on blogs, but not run one.

With the way my life is currently, I would not be able to update and maintain a successful blog. I realized that successful blogs have several traits: 1) Interesting content. I know I have good ideas and an interesting point of view. Someday I may try personal blogging again. 2) Contributor(s) who are motivated by interest and pleasure in the content of what post. Again, I have given priority to school and work. 3) Contributor(s) and blog masters actively improve and keep the blog growing. Again, this requires more work than I can to put in. 4) An active audience and a blog master who knows how to cultivate this audience. Yet, to maintain a consistent quality would take time away from school.

When I am in my library job, I hope to encourage my students to explore using this as a tool. If I were to do a blog for a school library, I would recruit volunteers, the LMC assistant and/or students to help maintain and update the site.

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Chris B. said...

I agree with you that undertaking a blog is a huge commitment - at least if you want it to be valuable to others. I do get good ideas from blogs and enjoy reading some of them - at times I feel bad that I'm just taking and not contributing. I find contributing to Twitter is less taxing but not as reflective as writing on a blog would be.